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Safety First in Table Saws


A table saw is an important part of your workshop, especially if you are into woodworking. Depending on your use for the table saw the type of woodworking table saws will also vary. Our table saw reviews at will give you a clear idea about the best table saw for hobbyist and the best table saw for woodworking in general. You can also click here if you are looking for woodworking table saws that will suit your budget.

How to Choose the Best Portable Table Saw for your Shop

Depending on the type of woodwork that you do, the space available, your budget as well as the time you spend woodworking, the best portable table saw that you need varies.  


  • If you spend only a couple of hours in the shop to make craft projects and small cabinetry, the best table saw would be a cabinet. However, if you are a professional who runs a small shop and need a saw that will run for some time, you can choose a contractor model in the higher end. For hobbyists who are serious about their work, hybrid saws work out to be a good deal and will also be suitable for small scale professional woodworkers.
  • There are also a number of affordable contractor model saws that give you almost similar features that you can find with top-quality cabinet saw. A good example is the Accu-Fence system that is fit with excellent sawing features such as extension wings and precision ground cast iron table tops.
  • Though cabinet saw has attractive features like trunnions that attach to base, 3 HP or larger motor and sturdy construction, the standard at which they are manufactured are different. It is important that you research the quality of the saw’s components such as that of the fence system, the grind and finish of extension and top wings, stance and mass of trunnions and other features that make the system more efficient in terms of power transmission before buying the saw.
  • Buying a table saw requires big investment and the final decision has to be made on proper examination of the various saws available in the market. You will not be able do a complete study on all the components of the different table saws available in the market. However, you can compare their specs and features online, read reviews and also learn about the reputation of the manufacturers before deciding on the table saw that will suit you.

Safety Features of Table Saw

The most advantageous aspect of using the table saw is the safety features that it comes with. In general, table saws are very dangerous to work with and you will require all the protection you can get in order to use it in a safe manner. This is why the safety features that come with the saw play an important role and should be well-fit so that they do not make it feel very cumbersome. Here are some of the features that will enhance the safety of the table saw.

  • Switch (large and paddle-style): This switch can be accessed with your knee or leg when your hands are at work with the saw.
  • Anti kickback pawls: These are spring-loaded small pieces of metal that has teeth extending in the way of the tables top, situated on both sides of the riving knife. When the material to be cut passes by the blade, the anti kickback pawl will rise and move along the wood’s top side. This way, if the wood kicks back, it will be help properly in place by the teeth. However, the drawback with this is that it will damage the stocks surface despite preventing kickback.
  • Riving Knife: This is a metal piece which has the same width as the blade and rides behind the saw blade. When sawing the stock, the two cut pieces will glide from the blade and the knife ensures that they are separated from the board so that it does not get pinched and falls back on the user.
  • Blade Brake: This is a revolutionary new invention that has come into use in the recent years where the blade stops operating when it comes in contact with a body part. This will help the user to avoid potential catastrophic injury such as losing a finder or even the arm in the process.
  • Blade Guard: Most of the table saws in existence today use a removable guard that has a plastic cover that covers the top of the blade so that it does not cause any harm to the body or hand that comes in contact with it. A good saw will have a quality blade and the best way to protect oneself from it would be with the help of a blade guard.


Bottom Line

The best portable table saw will vary based on your requirement in the table saw. For more info you can give the table saw reviews a go before making the final decision. The best table saw for hobbyist and the best table saw for woodworking will vary from one hobbyist to another, based on their interest and the level of commitment they are willing to provide to the woodworking process. Click here if you wish to read more table saw reviews online. When you are choosing a table saw, you should take into consideration the various specifications that every table saw comes with. Based on your need, these specifications will also have to vary accordingly. Hence you should first learn more about the specifications and how they will affect the table saw before choosing the one that you want. For example if you are looking for a table saw that you can use for a couple of hours a week to create project work and small woodwork, it is best that you choose a basic model that will run with only 2 hp rather than a powerful one that fits professionals in the field.


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